Atmospheric Beet Cake, Anyone?

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Tomiko Peirano

Tomiko Peirano › Tomiko has amassed decades of experience in the food industry, from her family's restaurant in Oregon's ...


Using gorgeous visuals, scrawling white script and perfectly pitched music, Tiger in a Jar has produced numerous short food films. Whether it’s a slow, careful preparation of pesto or a batch of mulled cranberry cider, these visual pieces bring your stack of grandma’s handwritten recipe cards to soft-focus life.

You won’t see every single step spelled out for you (whisk together, let rest, etc) in order to produce a perfectly baked cake or composed salad, but the reverent framing and gorgeous lighting of the simple act of preparing food is inspiring nonetheless.

We’re seriously crushing on Tiger in a Jar’s work – the style, the substance and the sustenance in each makes us want to get in the kitchen right this very second. It’s always nice to be reminded that when you are cooking or baking, you are doing something thoughtful and just, plain good.

THE FILMMAKERS: Tiger in A Jar by name has only been around for a little while, but Matt and Julie have been creating for years. We were married in 2009, and started running TIAJ full time at the beginning of 2011. We document life through film and pictures, and enjoy spending time in the kitchen obsessing over food. (from

What do you think of these films? Are they more fancy than fact for your cooking tastes?

Photo Credit: Tiger in a Jar