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We were pretty tickled by this beet box video.

Created by Scott Garner, this engaging design project uses golden beets and touch sensory to take the idea of “phat beats” to a whole new level. Users simply touch a beet to produce a different sounding beat (confused yet?), creating an individual and original soundtrack.

The project is described as:

BeetBox is a simple instrument that allows users to play drum beats by touching actual beets. It is powered by a Raspberry Pi with a capacitive touch sensor and an audio amplifier in a handmade wooden enclosure.


BeetBox is primarily an exploration of perspective and expectations. I’m particularly interested in creating complex technical interactions in which the technology is invisible—both in the sense that the interaction is extremely simple and in the literal sense that no electronic components can be seen.

Do we understand the software that went into creating this project? Ummm, No.

Do we love seeing food used in such a unique and interesting way? Definitely.

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