Carb-Loaded, A Culture Dying to Eat

Andrea DiMauro

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Carb-Loaded, A Culture Dying to Eat is a film that deserves to be funded.

You know me. I’m the girl who smells like garlic and tomatoes this time of year and gushes over every new offering at the farm market like diamonds in the window at Tiffany’s.

Normally I like to write about the virtues and pleasures of real food to seduce my audience into the garden or the kitchen. But I cannot ignore the impact of our current food culture on our collective health and wealth.

Sometimes I’m actually asked to weigh in on the situation. Filmmakers Lathe Poland and Eric Carlsen recently asked me about the food pyramid and it sent me to that unhappy place.

The legacy of the food pyramid is failure. For nearly forty years we have been eating according to suggestions that made us fat and sick. The diabetes epidemic is now reaching into our schools and robbing even the youngest among us of a quality life. I am horrified that children are lined up outside of nurse’s offices in elementary schools waiting for medication or insulin shots before their lunch. I am shocked by my young, thin friends diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I am afraid that many more of us will be.

The legacy of the food pyramid is failure.

The story of how to avoid or manage that fate needs to be told. By someone who knows. Like 39 year old, svelte Lathe Poland, diagnosed with type 2 diabetes 2 years ago.

His film is Carb-Loaded, A Culture Dying to Eat and explores the causes and implications of the type 2 diabetes epidemic in this country and what you and I can do to avoid its grip. They are fully invested personally and need your dollars to complete this very important project so they set up a modest Kickstarter campaign to finish production.

What they have so far is compelling. Take a few moments and watch the project’s trailer and contribute what you can to this very worthy project.

Do you know anyone suffering with type 2 diabetes? Has type 2 diabetes affected your family?

Photo credit: Carb-Loaded