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It’s hard not to like crisp, flavorful salad greens and here in the Hudson Valley, Sky Farm is producing some of the best lettuces we’ve tasted.

Chris Regan is the brains behind Sky Farm. He was schooled as a painter, but the palette he uses nowadays is mostly various shades of greens. With his small crew he grows eleven acres of gourmet salad mix including over thirty varieties of field greens, lettuces, herbs, edible flowers and ‘wild’ plants.

Since 1998 Sky Farm has been growing specialty salad greens and providing exquisite salads to restaurants and farm stands. Located in Columbia County, just north of Millerton, New York, the farm is situated on sandy loam at the high point of the Harlem Valley and the headwaters of the Ten Mile River. Although not certified officially as “organic,” the farm only uses organic growing methods.

Chris has become an authority on salad mix composition and its seasonality. He maintains quality throughout the growing season with his use farming methods, cover crops for fertility and weed management and smart rotations. Doing all that means the produce that comes out of his fields is the very best it can be.

In peak season he produces over eight-hundred pounds of tasty greens a week which he markets directly to over fifty restaurants in the surrounding area. These days he can be found on Wednesdays offering samples of his salad mixes at the Woodstock Farm Festival. Besides buying for their own kitchens many customers are asking for his greens to be on the menu of their favorite restaurants, too – and smart chefs are doing just that.

What’s your favorite salad green? Do you grow your own?

Photo Credit: Slow Films