Deborah Madison

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She grew up in California surrounded by walnut orchards and her father put in a huge garden every spring, so it’s pretty safe to say Deborah Madison has been immersed in good food her whole life.

Deborah cooked at Chez Panisse, opened Green restaurant (a Bay Area restaurant with an early farm-to-table appreciation) and from there launched a career that has included writing and teaching. Legendary for her cookbooks, Deborah Madison continues to delve into all aspects of the culture surrounding food. Her involvement in many grassroots efforts in her adopted home state of New Mexico, her thoughtful writing and her willingness to help raise our awareness of food issues make Ms. Madison a trusted voice.

We spent a very pleasant afternoon with Deborah at her home in Galisteo, complete with homemade cookies. She was very welcoming and her answers to our questions underscored just how much she has thought through the food issues of our day.

This quote says a lot about Deborah: “One cannot just get gushy about food without knowing something of its story, how it comes to us and what sustains it. That’s what makes it interesting, if not urgent, to me.” (from

Deborah Madison makes it easy to listen to what she has to say.

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