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Our farmer-author friend, Forrest Pritchard has written a new book.

With a foreword by Deborah MadisonGrowing Tomorrow is his latest foray into the sustainable farming world.

This book takes a little different direction from his first book, Gaining Ground.

This is from Amazon:

When Forrest Pritchard went looking for the unsung heroes of local, sustainable food, he found them at 18 exceptional farms all over the country.

In Detroit, Aba Ifeoma of D-Town Farm dreams of replenishing the local “food desert” with organic produce. On Cape Cod, Nick Muto stays afloat and eco-friendly by fishing with the seasons.

And in Washington State, fourth-generation farmer Robert Hayton confides, “This farm has been rescued by big harvests. For every one great season, though, you’ve got ten years of tough.”

With more than 50 mouthwatering recipes and over 250 photographs, this unique cookbook captures the struggles and triumphs of the visionary farmers who are Growing Tomorrow.

We were pleasantly surprised when Forrest contacted us to help with this video promoting his new book.

We set up our cameras and recorded picture and sound. It was obvious from his his earnest explanation just how dedicated he (and his photographer, Molly M. Peterson) were to doing the very best job possible.

And they certainly did a fantastic job telling the stories of these farmers.

Our farmer-author friend, Forrest Pritchard has written a new book.

The care in which the farms were chosen, the precise and honest writing, along with 50 easy-to-follow recipes from the farmers’ very own kitchens make this more than just another book about the real food movement.

Forrest Pritchard is becoming a modern voice proclaiming the whys and wherefores of sustainable farming.

He deserves to be heard.

Pick up a copy of his brand new book.

Read it, use it, and enjoy it.

Congratulations to Forrest and Molly on creating this most excellent book.