Grazin’ Diner, Farm-to-Table-Direct

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Grazin’ Diner is located on a lazy main street in Hudson, New York, lined with stores full of mid-century modern furniture, people walking their canine friends and bookstores offering everything from Auden to Zola.

Grazin’ is quickly gaining a reputation as a destination spot for its burgers, fries and milkshakes. While their menu is not particularly unique, Grazin’ Diner is exceptional for a couple of reasons.

Perhaps the most remarkable thing about Grazin’ is the fact that it was the first restaurant (let alone a diner) in the world to be given AWA certification.

What the heck does that mean?

Well, AWA stands for Animal Welfare Approved and maybe it’s best to let the organization explain. This from their website:

Animal Welfare Approved has the most rigorous standards for farm animal welfare currently in use by any United States organization. Its standards have been developed in collaboration with scientists, veterinarians, researchers, and farmers across the globe to maximize practicable, high-welfare farm management. Animal Welfare Approved’s standards incorporate best practice and recent research and have been adopted only after rigorous review. The basic premise of all the standards is that animals must be able to behave naturally and be in a state of physical and psychological well-being.

Simply put, that means the animal protein being served at Grazin’ Diner is the best, most humanely raised that it can possibly be.

There’s another reason Grazin’ Diner stands out.

The beef from which the hamburgers are made is raised less than twenty minutes from the diner. And it’s a family affair. Andrew ‘Chip’ Chiappinelli and his wife, Christine operate the diner while Christine’s parents, Susan and Dan Gibson, raise the cattle, pigs and chickens that supply the diner on their beautiful, AWA Columbia County Grazin’ Angus Acres farm. Christine’s brother Keith and his wife, Nicole are deeply involved in the business as well.

They call their diner a ‘farm-to-table-direct’ operation because their sources are well, direct. The buns are local. The cheese, the fries, the produce – local, local, and local. The bacon, the ham, the eggs – local. Even the ketchup is house-made.

Grazin’ Angus Acres and Grazin’ Diner are doing their best to make sure real food is at the center of what they do every day. We’ve been steadfast fans for a while now.

Make sure to visit them the next time you’re in the Hudson Valley.

What’s your favorite restaurant dedicated to real food? Tell us in the comments!

Photo Credit: Slow Films