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CSA. It doesn’t stand for Creative Solutions Ahead, but it could.

This acronym, instead, stands for Community Supported Agriculture and it’s how two young, enterprising farmers from the Hudson Valley are marketing their produce.

Many small farms have grown their businesses with CSAs, delivering a wide array of freshly grown goods to hundreds of happy customers. Lindsey and Benjamin Shute are the aforementioned farmers based in Tivoli, 
New York, and they’ve found delicious success with a produce-rich CSA program that services neighboring towns as well as New York City. Their operation goes by the name of Hearty Roots Community Farm and they are building a legion of fans with their fresh vegetables from June until November.

They must be doing something right if their sold-out shares, year after
 year, are any indication.

Lindsey and Benjamin are all about sustainability. They farm with minimally invasive methods
 and, although they fire up the Massey-Ferguson when it’s time to plow, they have 
a smaller, oddly quiet, battery-powered tractor for smaller tasks. They care very much about how they grow their produce and their loyal customers know it.

Having an in-depth article written about them in The New York
 Times hasn’t fazed them — there’s too much work to do.

It’s almost time to haul out the
 seed catalogs and start the season all over again.

From the NY Times article:

I never thought I wanted to farm, Mr. Shute said. “But it feels like an honest living.”

Hats off to 
Lindsey and Benjamin for a job (and season) well done.

Do you know the farmers who supply your CSA?

Photo Credit: Slow Films