Jennifer’s Way Bakery: A Gluten-Free Paradise

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We told you about our visit to Jennifer’s Way Bakery a couple of weeks back. Jennifer Esposito’s spot in New York City’s East Village is truly a gluten-free paradise.

Beauty Guru NYC invited Slow Films along to shoot a conversation between Jessica Crescenzi (aka Beauty Guru), dermatologist and internist Dr. David Colbert, and Jennifer Esposito herself.

Jessica and Jennifer are both celiacs, and Dr. Colbert is an expert on nutrition and skin, and they sat down together early one rainy morning to dish about living with this mysterious, sometimes confounding illness.

As the heavenly aroma of fresh baked goods permeated the tiny bakery, our senses and our minds were both awakened to the trials and tribulations of living gluten free.

The biggest challenge seems to be in the choices one makes when replacing gluten in the diet. There are so many terrible, Frankenfood options, that a sufferer of celiac, (or even its milder cousin, gluten-intolerance) can make themselves even sicker by choosing these terrible, fake food substitutes.

Dr. Colbert offered some very practical advice in our discussion that he has outlined in his book, The High School Reunion Dieteat real food! His book is a light-hearted yet hardcore plan to lose weight, feel better, and look your best.

Often, when one is feeling ill and trying to get a true diagnosis, doctor visits can be confusing, misleading, and occasionally catastrophic. Not with Dr. Colbert!

His genius stems from his understanding and mastery of the connection of what’s happening on the outside (your skin) is almost always a result of what’s happening on the inside (gut health and diet).

Literally, you are what you eat! His expertise is a welcome relief to many patients who have felt frustrated when pills and creams didn’t solve their problems.

Your diet matters a lot. Period.

Jennifer also has a new book out, a memoir of her journey from sickness to health, called Jennifer’s Way.

It took Jennifer over ten years to determine the real cause of her many ailments and she offers a raw, emotionally honest portrayal of what her life was like living with undiagnosed celiac disease.

It was such a pleasure to film this meeting of minds–and watch them indulge in fresh baked bagels and cookies afterward.

Jessica put it best when she said:

“The thing I love about coming to Jennifer’s Way Bakery, is that there is nothing in here that I can’t eat. It’s tough to socialize when there are so many things you have to say no to-–what a relief to be able to say yes!”

So if you’re experiencing break-outs or tummy aches or worse, wise up on gluten intolerance and celiac disease. You may just find out what’s really going on.

May is Celiac Awareness Month, so cue up this video, watch, and learn!

Have you tried a gluten free diet?

Photo credit: Craig McCord