Love & Greens: The Story of Sky Farm

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Sky Farm is a labor of love and greens.

Located in Millerton, New York, very near the border of Connecticut, this farm is breathtaking with its sandy loam and mountain views.

Chris Regan has been farming in the region for more than sixteen years. He grows more than 30 varieties of salad greens which he combines in visually arresting mixes.

These exquisite greens are available seasonally at farmers’ markets throughout the Hudson Valley, as well as on plates in all the best local restaurants.


Chris was the first grower we met when we came to the Hudson Valley over eight years ago.

Chris’ partner, Ashley Mayne makes all the deliveries, logging hundreds of miles each week delivering to the back doors of restaurants and to the area farmers’ markets, where she sets up and sells pristine bags of what can only be described as perfect blends of product-  a spicy asian mix,  a simple salad combo, and the best arugula you have ever tasted. They are all fresh and delicious. A published writer, Ashley relishes the long, solitary hours driving through the bucolic countryside.  She is a welcome sight to all when she rolls up with her van full of greens.

Chris was the first grower we met when we came to the Hudson Valley over eight years ago. We met him at the Rhinebeck Farmer’s Market, and again at a restaurant in Millerton. He was one of our first slow food films and when we raised a little money on IndieGogo to continue the series, we vowed we would return and tell the Sky Farm story once again–only better.

We decided to shoot our interviews with Ashley and Chris in the dead of winter, a time when farmers tend to be more contemplative–and definitely more relaxed. They have had time to review last year’s growing season as well as plan for Spring planting, and with a blanket of snow on the ground, and mostly free hands, it’s the best time to get inside a farmer’s head.

We arrived at Sky Farm on a brutally cold March day, the snow glistening under a sunny cloudless sky. After we made them trudge around the farm in the slippery snow with their dog Louka several times, we went inside to warm up and to talk with them about their collective life at Sky Farm.

As Chris made lunch for the four of us, we set the stage for the interviews, which we did after a delicious meal. Watch the video. Pretty people. Pretty place. Exquisite greens.

We would like to thank all who contributed to our Indiegogo campaign for making this short film possible. Thanks to Kara Suzanne (and her talented bandmates) for the excellent music you hear.

When you want fresh greens do you have a grower you can depend on where you live?

Photo credit: Slow Films