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In a former life Rae Stang was cooking for a living, wanting to get off the hot line and didn’t have the funds for her own restaurant. So she went to school — a professional pastry program, to be exact. She enjoyed learning, but she says “too much white flour, white sugar and butter” was involved. She knew she didn’t want to work with those ingredients all the time. Fortunately, the course included two weeks of chocolate work, something she found very interesting. She started experimenting with chocolate in her kitchen home, had her “aha” moment of clarity and was hooked. Lucky for us.

“I started making things and it all just grew.” Rae remarks. “I wanted to make healthy chocolates, chocolates with interesting flavor profiles, and with depth and strong tastes. I wanted to make tiny, pretty, condensed, intense pieces of art — that people would consume so I could make more.”

She continues, “I started Lucky Chocolates. Once I bought my first piece of commercial equipment, I outgrew my house. Renting was fine for awhile. Now we finally have our own building. I hope Lucky’s will continue for a long time because I still have lots of ideas.”

Yes she does.

She uses fair-traded chocolate, organic ingredients and local whenever possible to produce luscious, small-batch sweets. Visiting her store to sample and purchase her chocolates is quickly becoming a serious stop when one is even close to Saugerties, in upstate New York.

Rae is building a fun, well done and meaningful business around her love of chocolate.

Have you ever pondered pursuing a career in chocolate?

Photo Credit: Slow Films