Michael Pollan Gets Animated

Tomiko Peirano

Tomiko Peirano › Tomiko has amassed decades of experience in the food industry, from her family's restaurant in Oregon's ...


There are some pret-ty cool animated videos afoot over at the RSA / Nominet Trust Film Competition. Filmmakers were invited to create short animation pieces based on RSA talks, and two of the finalists took on Michael Pollan discussing monoculture and the future of our food systems and health expectancies.

His talk is pretty fascinating stuff to begin with, but the extra layer of animation takes his "Food Rules" to a new level – the cartoon images essentially mirroring the ridiculousness of consumption and waste.

Francisco Park, an illustrator based in Toronto, has created a smooth, slick piece using motion graphics that echoes our unending (and somewhat thoughtless) relationship to food, fuel and medicine.
See Francisco's piece here.

Marija Jacimovic, a freelance animator, took a more organic approach to the subject matter with stop-motion and food. It's pretty compelling to see a factory made out of cookies. See Marija's piece above.

If you like what you see, take a second and vote in the competition. There are three other films to consider as well, dealing with a variety of topics.