On the Road (Episode 2)


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FoodCycle began their cross-country bike trek in late April — traveling across the country with a mission to document and highlight the "emergent farm-to-school movement and other programs dedicated to school nutrition reform."

They've been keeping a pretty current account of their cycling odyssey along the way, writing and filming updates of their 4,500 mile trek as they go.

The riders, Adam and Leah, recently shared a newly edited peek at their progress with us. It looks like hard work, but thankfully they have a great cause to believe in and propel them along.

We'll have more webisodes from them, so be sure to check back and see just where in this wide, wide country FoodCycle is!

This video originally appeared on FoodCycleUS.com. It is re-posted here with permission of the authors.

THE FILMMAKER: Timothy Hourihan is a multimedia environmental artist, writer and researcher. Timothy actively expresses his work through his various life passions, in search for spiritual oneness and knowledge. (from thourihanphoto.photoshelter.com)

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