Ramps Were Rampant

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The second annual Ramp Fest is in the books. This year’s festival was bigger and better as thirteen chefs from Manhattan, Brooklyn and the Hudson Valley wowed with every savory bite. Local wine, beer and hard cider was also represented as people chose their own pairings.

Jeff Gimmel, chef of Swoon restaurant in Hudson, an organizer of the event and a very busy man, made time to talk with HandPicked Nation. He commented:

You know, ramps are the first things to appear after our long winters. We don’t cultivate them, we forage for them. Ramps are delicate, wild onion-like plants full of myth and mystery — and the good news is they can be incorporated into lots of different dishes. These chefs have shown a ton of creativity!

The Ramp Fest is fast becoming a welcomed spring ritual in the Hudson Valley. This short film shows how much fun folks had tasting the chefs’ work, enjoying the spring weather and discovering the pleasure of the ramp.

Ramp it up!

Do you look forward to ramp season?

Photo Credit: Slow Films