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“It’s a taco. We have five tacos on the menu and two tamales. You can have a classic taqueria taco like chorizo and potato. You can have carnitas.

With the name, Tinker Taco Lab, I’m trying to stay a very traditional taqueria, while using classic French techniques I’ve learned over the years, and apply them to a taco and kind of do a modern version of things as well. So the idea is to keep evolving, keep changing things, keep having fun. When you use something local,  something less processed, something closer to the farm, it’s going to be higher in nutrient value, because you’re not over-processing, you know?

At a taco level, if you’re focused, all you have to do is pull things off the grill, put a knife to it, put it in a taco, and send it out the door with some good pickles. I mean, a hundred tacos is a lot of work, I would imagine we’ll be doing twice that many this season.

We are at Tinker Taco Lab in Woodstock, New York, right off Tinker Street, and my name is James Jennings, chef, owner, dishwasher!”

Here at Slow Films, we like tacos. So much in fact, that we were moved to tell Jim’s story. For one thing, during the telling, we got to eat a lot of tacos!

Muchas gracias to our dear friend, Steve Lewis, for the perfect track, and to Bryan Pugh for the wonderful mix. As always, you guys are the glue.

Video by Slow Films

Music credit: Steve Lewis

Photo credit: Craig McCord