Small Shoppers, Big Bucks

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We had a thought.

What if we gave a group of kids $10 worth of our ‘HandPicked Market Bucks’ each and turned them loose to explore their local farmers’ market? What would catch their eye? Would they buy ANY vegetables? How would they enjoy their purchases?

With its fantastic selection of fresh, local food, the Rhinebeck Farmers’ Market in Rhinebeck, New York, seemed the perfect place to see what kids might feel like buying.

So, we arrived at the market on a rainy Sunday morning. With the parents proudly looking on, we gave each kid their ‘bucks’ and invited them to discover, shop and have fun at the farmers’ market.

All the kids impressed us (and most of the parents!) with their smart purchases.

Above is a short, but very sweet video of all the fun our small shoppers had.

We had a lot of fun too!

Thanks to Steve Lewis for the lively market music.

Do you think it’s a good idea for kids to know about their local farmers market?

Photo Credit: Slow Films