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Sustainable farmers seem to be growing in numbers. Every year, more and more people are deciding to work the land and grow delicious, healthful produce via organic and sustainable practices.

One such farmer is Kristin Carbone of Radix Farm, situated outside of Washington, D.C.

The good folks over at Food Mythbusters recently chose Kristin Carbone as one of their Food Heroes and created a short video of Kristin and her work at Radix.

Here’s what they say about Kristin:

After an initial career of community organizing and affordable housing advocacy, a stint with green building construction, a few seasons tending and establishing urban gardens, and four years helping to run a 300 member CSA farm, in 2009, Kristin started Radix Farm, her own farming venture. At Radix Farm, Kristin strives to make small-scale farming a sustainable, viable and profitable business that treats the ecosystem, the customers, and growers with care and respect. She grows healthy and high quality produce using organic practices, and by planting a bio-diverse farmscape, nurturing the soil, and giving individual attention to the crops. Kristin enjoys sharing her passion for sustainable farming with the community and with other new farmers.

(from Food Mythbusters)

Kristin leases 3 acres from a larger, conventional farm that grows corn and soy. The difference between the Radix Farm land and that of the neighboring larger farm is stark and compelling. Just watch the video (above) to see what we mean.

Although being a sustainable farmer means there is no shortage of hard work and constant tending on Kristin’s part, the reward seems to be worth it for her.

We applaud Kristin’s work on Radix Farm, and we thank Food Mythbusters for featuring her.

Is there someone in your community that you consider a food hero?

Photo Credit: Food Mythbusters