The City Chicken Project

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When I first started to write this story my original idea was to talk about this well made video that showed people raising chickens (for eggs) in New York. Of course, I loved the story, but I was enamored with the look of the piece. I liked the photography. I liked how it was edited. I liked how the shots were made and I wanted to turn other people on to this nice ‘food film’.

But as I delved deeper, I realized those weren’t the reasons the video deserved to be highlighted. It was evident that what attracted me was too surface, and this story touched on issues that were much deeper and more important that just stylish production.

In this video, Owen Taylor, City Farms Program Manager with, talks about helping to make changes in our food system.

Mr. Taylor says, ”Looking at the entire food system and figuring out how can we not only fix the conventional corporate food system, but also how can we create alternative models that will replace it? People keep chickens in the city for a few reasons – the most important being we need to know where our food is coming from.”

And thus he explains what’s happening with his organization’s City Chicken Project.

“It’s not just chickens in chicken coops,” Owen says. “It’s communitIes taking back land in the communities and organizing and creating spaces that are beautiful – in more ways than are just healthy food.

Pretty profound.

Mr. Taylor goes on to say, ”Food justice is about people having the right to eat healthy and nutritious food and food sovereignty is about people being able to decide where that food comes from, how it’s produced and being able to grow it themselves.”

And, Owen Taylor, all the volunteers and participants in the City Chicken Project are doing just that every day.

Congratulations one and all!

At the end of the video there’s a prompt to help with this project, which you can also find here. Let’s all do what we can to further this great project.

Do you have a similar program in your city?

THE FILMMAKERS: is a non-profit organization that connects communities and local farms with the resources and support they need to make fresh, locally grown food accessible to all New Yorkers.

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