The Fight For Heritage Hogs

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Film Maker Puts a Face on the Heritage Hog Story

Well, it looks like real food finds itself in the crosshairs of even more governmental bureaucracy. Reports are coming from Michigan about a non-sensical decision that has been made regarding (of all things!) heritage breed pigs. It appears that the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has determined that heritage pigs are feral breeds that need to be destroyed.

And that’s where Kyle Miron’s short film comes in. In his introduction to the video on YouTube, he says:

A family farm in rural Michigan may be shut down by a government entity who has passed a law stating that the breed of hogs they are raising are a threat to neighboring croplands. In truth, the Big Pork Industry has been planning this campaign to take down all family farms with hopes to eventually siege (sic) complete control of the American Food Supply. This short-film was created with hopes to inspire the public to take action.

The farm to which Mr. Miron refers is Baker’s Green Acres, Jill and Mark Baker’s farm near Marion, Michigan. Among all they raise on their small family farm are heritage pigs — Mangalitsa and Russian Boar. The Michigan DNR has seen fit (allegedly in league with The Michigan Pork Producers, a CAFO supporting outfit) to declare heritage breeds as feral, and therefore, an invasive species that must be destroyed.

Watch this video and after you calm down (or maybe not) sign this petition.

This is an outrageous action by the state of Michigan.

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THE FILMMAKER: After trekking the globe on photojournalism assignments and establishing himself as one of the elite wedding/commercial photographers in the Midwest; Kyle Miron knows this: If there is one quality a successful photographer must have it is the ability to listen. He is based in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Photo Credit: Kyle Miron