Joel Salatin: The Lunatic Farmer

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You would not be wrong in thinking of Joel Salatin as a kind of food evangelist. After all, this self-proclaimed ‘lunatic farmer’ travels the country preaching common sense and belief in real food with all the energetic fervor of a true believer. And, oh boy, are people ever listening to this man.

Since the early ’70s, at his family’s Polyface Farms (near Staunton, Virginia), Joel Salatin has practiced farm management using natural rhythms and methods. Pasturing his animals, husbanding runoff water to dispense during a drought – generally, building ‘forgiveness’ into his farm’s ecosystem to weather just about anything thrown at the farm. He makes known his irreverent opinions about government interference and regulation at the farm level. His solution to what he calls the USDuh’s (USDA) unreasonable stances is for every person who eats to join the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund.

Sounds reasonable to us. His wit, wisdom and salient points make us realize how powerful a speaker, an advocate and, well, evangelist he is for the cause of good food practices.

Photo Credit: Food, Inc.