The Real Cure

Craig McCord

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This is a story of the old and the new.

The new Olli Salumeria founded in 2010 by a fourth-generation Italian, Olivierio Colmignoli, (Olli) is producing delicious dry-cured salami and so much more.

Using old-school recipes and methods from his great-great-grandfather, Innocenzo Fiorucci, and new world packaging and casing, Olli’s range of whole cured meats, including prosciutto, coppa, speck, lomo. pancetta, lardo and guanciale are capturing imaginations across the country.

Operating in Manakin Sabot, Virginia, (near Richmond) the company actively works with area pork producers. You may have heard of Bev Eggleston, a protégé of Joel Salatin. He’s just one of many artisan producers of ultra-quality pigs that make up Olli’s ultra-quality meats. Funny how the two are inextricably intertwined.

Suffice to say this is some cured meat and salami worth investigating.

It’s time for me to stop writing and let this excellent video from Bureau of Common Goods from Brooklyn, New York do the talking.

THE FILMMAKERS: BUREAU OF COMMON GOODS is a Brooklyn-based film and digital content studio. We tell stories and create experiences (mostly with film) that both educate and inspire. (from Bureau of Common Goods)

Photo Credit: Bureau of Common Goods

Do you have a favorite cured meat? Who makes it?