The Urban Farmer

Craig McCord

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Will Allen is a big man with big ideas.

His urban farming initiative landed him on The 2010 TIME 100 list of people. His two-acre Community Food Center has become the gold standard for how to grow the maximum amount of food in small urban spaces.

The good people over at PopTech commissioned this excellent video about Mr. Allen and all the good stuff he has growing on.

Mr. Allen, in Time magazine, said:

“Everybody, regardless of their economic means, should have access to the same healthy, safe, affordable food that is grown naturally.”

This is local food at its best. If you grow it near where it will be consumed, it follows that less fuel will be used and it will arrive on plates fresher. Not only that, but local food adds to the local economy. This is the very definition of a win-win.

Will Allen’s credo is “Grow. Bloom. Thrive.” and that’s exactly what he and his band of urban farmers are doing every day.

THE FILMMAKERS: Helicopter Pictures Inc. is a New York based production company and it is the production arm of director and photographer Noah David Smith. He creates beautiful evocative images with his natural aesthetic, distinct composition and elegant style.

Mr. Smith worked with PopTech to produce this video. Based in Brooklyn, New York and Camden, Maine, PopTech brings together innovators from many fields to share insights and affect lasting change.