The Wide World of Food

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Tomiko Peirano

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I found this on vimeo a while ago, but it can stand repeated viewing… maybe not when you’re hungry.

What do you get when you combine some film equipment, 11 countries and an enviable task? An engrossing view of (almost the entire) world of cuisine – plate by delicious, steaming, sizzling plate.

Their film, simply entitled “Eat”, is a quick, but satisfying bite of one man’s record of every meal and snack he had over the course of 44 days. This goes above and beyond the “look what I had for dinner” shot taken with your phone… this is envy-inducing food as travel as art.

THE FILMMAKER: Rick Mereki is a filmmaker, photographer and illustrator based in Melbourne, Australia. (from

What has been your most memorable international meal to date? Tell us in the comments.

Image Credit: Rick Merecki