Tiger in a Jar’s Mulled Cranberry Cider

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Mulled cranberry cider is a great way to toast the holiday season, with the very wintry flavors of apples, cranberries, cloves and cinnamon. This tasty cider doesn’t need any wine or spirits, making it a great non-alcoholic option at your festive gathering.

If you’re in need of a charming, visual recipe on how to make mulled cranberry cider, Tiger in a Jar has you covered.

They’ve created yet another gorgeous video “recipe” for this cold-weather brew, as they did for beet cake and basil pesto. With clever, almost sleight-of-hand maneuvering, Tiger in a Jar shows you the ingredients and technique needed for your very own batch of mulled cranberry cider.

Watching this video short is a lovely way to amp up your holiday spirit and learn a delicious recipe for this excellent seasonal beverage. We’re off to make ourselves some mulled cider right now…

THE FILMMAKERS: Tiger in a Jar by name has only been around for a little while, but Matt and Julie have been creating for years. We were married in 2009, and started running TIAJ full time at the beginning of 2011. We document life through film and pictures, and enjoy spending time in the kitchen obsessing over food. (from tigerinajar.com)

Photo Credit: Tiger in a Jar