Vintage HandPicked: Small Shoppers, Big Bucks

Staci Strauss

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Last summer, we had an idea. We were interested in how some small shoppers would shop at a farmer’s market if given the opportunity. What would they buy? How would they decide between cheese and tomatoes? Would they try to only buy sweets? We were, and still are very interested to see if the farmers market experience was interesting or fun for the younger crowd. We know that it is our true pleasure to meander from one producer to the next, planning our weekly menus according to what is fresh that day, chatting with our farmer friends, bumping into neighbors, and wrangling our dog LuLu as she greets her fellow canines–in that special way that dogs do!

So we set up our cameras at the Rhinebeck Farmer’s Market in Rhinebeck, New York one rainy Sunday morning–of course it had to rain–and doled out Handpicked Market bucks–ten bucks to each kid. We followed them as they went from booth to booth and documented their experience.

All the kids impressed us (and their parents were pleasantly surprised) with their smart purchases.

Above is a short, but very sweet video of all the fun our small shoppers had.

We had a lot of fun too!

Thanks to Steve Lewis for the lively market music.

Do you think it’s a good idea for kids to know about their local farmers market?

Photo Credit: Slow Films