Vintage HandPicked–The Salad Dressing Stomp

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Editor’s note: The Salad Dressing Stomp was spontaneous moment between Zak Pelaccio’s mortar and pestle and a plugged-in guitar player. We were lucky enough to be there with our cameras.

Since this bit of food fun, Zak and his wife Jori Jayne Emde have opened their much-lauded restaurant, Fish & Game in Hudson, New York.

And Ms. Emde has developed a killer line of unique, delicious, and different condiments and elixirs she calls Lady Jayne’s Alchemy. 

There’s usually a swirl of music-enjoying, food-making, cork-popping energy around Zak and Jori.

Their food is marked by strong flavors, used oh-so-tastefully. Ingredients are held in high esteem by both of their finely-tuned palates. They spare no effort in finding just the right stuff and when they don’t like what they find, they make it themselves from scratch.

On this particular evening while smashing pungent garlic, aromatic ginger and other good stuff in his mortar and pestle, Zak’s rhythmic pounding met up with a twangy guitar which resulted in an impromptu jam.

When the delicious salad was finally assembled, you could taste the funk.

We like it so much we dubbed it The Salad Dressing Stomp. When the delicious salad was finally assembled, you could taste the funk.

Did it come from the rockin’ jam or was it the fish sauce? Probably a little of both.

By the way, that upstate hillbilly swing guitar you see and hear is played superbly by Steve Lewis.

Do you think music makes food taste better?

Photo credit: Slow Films