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As we share our original, Handpicked Slow Films with you, we could not resist beginning with Betty Fussell. She embodies everything we believe about food and life.

You’ll find this passage about food on Betty‘s homepage:

“So let’s treasure and pleasure it while we may, with all our senses flashing a red alert of joy. To look, taste, touch, savor — nothing does that better than sex but food. We all bring our individual and our communal meanings to the particular foods that we eat. So let’s share words, images, and tastes together as we eat the past in the present and cherish each food as a gift.”

With her acclaimed writing, she has taught us about silent film stars, domestic battles, gastronomic giants, and food lore with The Story of Corn and Raising Steaks.

When we visited with Betty in her New York City home, we were starstruck! She’s funny, intelligent, inquisitive, sly, wry and she’s a terrific writer. She’s nuts about good food and we’re nuts about her.

Have you read something about real food lately that inspired you? What was it?

Photo Credit: Slow Films