Vietnamese Summer Rolls for Kids

Kim Gerber

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Kim Gerber understands the importance of getting the kids involved with making dinner. When kids lend a helping hand, they are immediately more invested in the end result and are probably more likely to give a ‘weird’ vegetable a try (just ask anyone who’s had their kids help out in the garden). Kim suggests roll-your-own Vietnamese Summer Rolls for a fun, vegetarian dinner option.

We here at HandPicked Nation have had a few of our own Summer Roll parties, and we heartily agree they make a great meal.

Summer may be officially over, but Vietnamese Summer Rolls are a delicious way to celebrate Meatless Monday all year long. These vegetable filled rolls are fun for the kids to assemble, and pack a nutritional punch. We put out all the fixings and let the kids make their own rolls for dinner, and a few extra for tomorrow’s lunch box.

Feel free to adjust the ingredients seasonally to include what’s in currently available near you. Try winter vegetables such as butternut squash, carrots and blanched broccoli rabe or spring vegetables such as asparagus and assorted greens.

Click here to get the Summer Roll recipe over on!

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Photo Credit: Kim Gerber