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Andrea Fabry

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With plenty of temptations like chips and candy lurking in most schools’ vending machines, it’s important to keep your kids fully stocked with plenty of delicious, real food fuel.

Andrea Fabry has some great tips for making your own that are sure to please even the staunchest teenage palates:

Back to school means back to packing lunches and snacks. We want to pack healthier foods and avoid the highly processed, sugary, genetically modified foods, but how do we do it?

Preparing natural, homemade on-the-go food is surprisingly easy and fun. Here are four healthy snack options:

1. Energy Bar. This snack does not require a dehydrator, but does require a food processor. Ingredients include almonds and/or seeds, along with dried fruit.

I call my recipe “The Andy Bar” after my college nickname. You can easily adapt this recipe and choose your own brand name. Be creative and have fun labeling!

(Click here to get the the Andy Bar recipe!)

The next three snacks require the use of a dehydrator or makeshift dehydrator. Snacks that are dehydrated at temperatures below 116 remain raw. Raw foods maintain their enzymes and therefore are healthier foods.

It’s important to keep your kids fully stocked with plenty of delicious, real food fuel.

Your oven makes an excellent dehydrator. Set the oven at its lowest temperature. (This will probably be somewhere around 170 degrees.) Prop open the oven door to help lower the drying temperature. Place a fan in front of the oven to keep the air flowing and avoid condensation.

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This article originally appeared on Our Health Journey. It is partially posted here with permission from the author.

Photo Credit: Andrea Fabry