What to Compost

Monica Dix

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Monica Dix gives a run-down on what you should and shouldn’t toss into your compost pile.

She also shares some great handling tips and best practice advice on continuously managing your compost.

If it was once alive, you can compost it. I first heard this in a student kitchen at the Culinary Institute of America (CIA), and I never forgot it. It is the simplest way of thinking about what is compostable.

So, what is in your kitchen that was once alive? Fruits, vegetables, leaves, stalks, roots, seeds, husks, peels, shells, spoiled food, flowers, paper (wood pulp, cotton, or corn), cardboard…

Here’s what I put into my compost in the last 24 hours:
Potato peels & eyes
Sweet potato pieces, some brown parts I cut off
Carrot peels & ends
Sweet potato peels
Garlic skins
Tomatoes, spoiled
Kale stems
Apple cores
Onion skins & ends
Egg carton, torn into small pieces
Shredded office paper
Parsley stems
Paper towels
Butter wrapper, paper
Paper cupcake liners
Parchment paper (used, for baking)
Spoiled lettuce
Banana peels
Uneaten fruit from school lunch
Tomato cores
Whole wheat flour, rancid
Cardboard takeout boxes
Paper coffee cups

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Have you started your own compost yet?

This article originally appeared on EatYourPudding.com. It is partially posted here with permission of the author.

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