What to Do With Your Compost

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Monica Dix

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Monica Dix recently completed her tutorial on making your own compost.

She has already explained what compost is and how to start your own pile of garden gold, and she has outlined her personal rules for what she will and will not add to her compost pile.

Wrapping things up, Monica advises on how to extract the ready compost from your pile and shares some ideas on how best to use it in your garden.

Your compost is ‘finished’ when it is dark brown and crumbly. Has it been two to three months since you started your composting? It’s time to scoop some out from your compost bin’s lower tray, or dig down through your heap to get to the finished compost. If it looks finished but is mixed in with unfinished material, you can use a sieve or screen to remove the larger pieces, and then return those to the compost pile. You don’t want any chunks around your plants that have not decomposed, because they will continue to break down in your garden and will take nutrients from your soil as they do so.

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Do you tend your own compost pile? What are some of your favorite tips and tricks?

This article originally appeared on EatYourPudding.com. It is partially posted here with permission from the author.

Image Credit: Monica Dix