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Craig McCord

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Zoe’s Chocolate Company uses these words on their website to describe their product: Handcrafted. Artisan. Locally sourced. Natural.

All good words, to be sure and even better, it’s all true.

Zoe Tsoukatos and her siblings are third generation chocolatiers who have come full-circle, in a sense.

A little history: their great aunt and uncle came to America from Greece in the early 1900s, settled in Baltimore, began a pushcart business selling homemade, hand-rolled chocolates from their parents’ recipes, and eventually settled in Pennsylvania where they opened a retail store.

Chocolate definitely runs in this family.

In 2007, Zoe, Pantelis, and Petros, along with their father, George started Zoe’s Chocolates. This is how they describe their mission on their website:

In 2007, we opened Zoë’s Chocolate to continue the tradition we love so much, but to which we could add a modern sophistication. We combine the spirit, skill, and tradition of fine artisan chocolate preparation with today’s flavors, trends and ingredients. We remain loyal to our older traditions’ values of producing high quality products by using fresh cream, genuine Italian butter, pure honey, all natural ingredients and the finest imported dark, milk and white chocolate. In our new state of the art production facility, we produce our chocolates every day to ensure freshness and optimum flavor notes.

We have taken the best of two worlds and elevated our product to new heights. We embrace with passion the cultural evolution of our dual heritages and offer this to you to enjoy, from our hearts and hands.

Our first reaction was ‘wow!’. Our second reaction was ‘where can we get some more?’.

We recently had the opportunity to sample some chocolates from the Tsoukatos family.

And our first reaction was ‘wow!’. Our second reaction was ‘where can we get some more?’.

The words we would use to describe Zoe’s Chocolates: Delicious. Fresh. Flavorful. Creamy and dreamy.

Not only is the chocolate itself as flavorful as we have ever tasted, but the added ingredients–the fruits, the sea salt, the sweet wine, the cognac–only enhance these chocolates. How many times have you tasted a handmade chocolate only to have the add-ons make for a disappointing experience? That does not happen with these chocolates.

We can truly say Zoe’s is doing a great job with their chocolates and with keeping their family tradition alive.

Here’s another line from the Zoe’s Chocolates website: Where time-honored tradition meets modern sophistication.

It’s not just a line, it is what they are doing with their chocolates. All their ancestors would be very proud.

Do you have a favorite type of chocolate? Do you make your own chocolates? Tell us your story.

Photo credit: Craig McCord